Importance of Reasonable Immigration Laws

Paul Parsons

October 9, 2011

The biggest problem in our modern world is the obstacles faced by legitimate immigrants. Governments erect walls and send soldiers to patrol their borders. They are stopping the legitimate entrance of skilled workers, highly educated professionals and the unification of families divided by overly restrictive immigration laws. People are suffering because of harsh immigration laws against legitimate immigration that even divide families. Economies suffer because the agricultural industry, factories and technological corporations are unable to obtain needed skilled workers and highly educated professionals to fill occupations in high demand despite unemployment in other positions.

The United States continues to deport thousands of immigrants each month. Many of these aspiring immigrants have lived in our country for more than ten years and are deported even if they are the parents of U.S. citizen children. Many children that are citizens of the U.S. are being raised in Mexico as well as in other countries because their parents were deported. It bothers me that there is not a remedy within our immigration laws for most of these immigrants due to the politics of changing our obsolete immigration laws. Our economy would significantly improve if we would only pass comprehensive immigration law reforms. It would have been better if we had already provided a path towards legalization for many of these long time residents of our communities instead of deporting so many immigrants, especially the parents of our own citizens.

I recommend that world leaders reform unworkable immigration laws to facilitate the flow of refugees and legitimate immigrants. We will not have world peace until we provide reasonable immigration laws to protect refugees, unify families and provide workers to fill shortage occupations. Even our own U.S. Department of Labor indicates that we will be facing labor shortages in the upcoming decade as our population levels decrease year after year.

I will continue to advocate to reform our country’s immigration laws. I will vote for candidates who understand the importance of immigrants to our country. I will continue to participate in demonstrations in favor of immigrants, and for the unification of families divided by borders. I will speak with others on behalf of these immigrants, and seek the support of their employers. The time has long passed since we should have reformed our overly restrictive, obsolete immigration laws.


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