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26th Jul 2015

Reliable and Trust Worthy Attorney
I highly recommend Mr. Parsons and his team to handle your immigration case. Unlike an attorney that I had before (who I could never find when I needed), Mr. Parson or his team always communicated with me. They always answered my emails within 24 hours or less, or called me back when I had questions. Also, the fact that his office has not changed locations, that they called me if there were changes or contacted me to give me updates save me a lot of time and lower my stress. I had to hunt down my previous attorney from office to office every time I needed to renew my work permit. In the past, I was nervous and panicking wondering if I would be able to find that other attorney before the due date for my application. Luckily as I searched for a new attorney I found Mr. Parson. He is someone who I could entrust with my immigration paper work and that has reasonable fees.

During the time he worked on my case he was very professional and cordial. He explain the requirements, the process, and the cost very clearly. In his explanation, he gave me a very realistic time line about how long it would take for my application to be processed. His predictions were very accurate during the 4 years that he managed my case. The only time he was off track, I was pleasantly surprise to receive my “green card” ahead of what he had predicted. Above all, I recommend him because he has always been reliable and honest. Some lawyers may try to trick you or snare you into applying for things that are not possible. From the beginning Mr. Parsons was very clear about my case and what my options were to become a U.S resident. I am very thankful for the care and respect in which he handle my case and they way he treated me.

(Please overlook my grammatical errors and do not let my lack of mastery of the English language interfere with the message I tried to convey.)

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July 22,2015