John Stuart Davidson

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7th Apr 2014

We met with three immigration attorneys before meeting with you. Each of those lawyers rated our chances at fifty/fifty, whereas you felt our chances were higher, if not guaranteed. We selected you not based on predictive odds, but on your demeanor, a feeling of assured professionalism. We’re happy our trust was not misplaced. What we learned through this process was that you have a fine reputation in the legal community. Your assistant told us you prepare for each case as though it were your first. We’ve no doubt that it was the calm guidance and assurance we received from you that allowed us to prepare well. Your reputation with the CIS in San Antonio, and your carefully detailed work in getting us there, were essential to our success. Having lived and worked without documentation for a number of years, I feel an enormous weight lifted. Thank you once again for your assistance in obtaining my green card.Read More