Greg & Lily Olivo

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7th Apr 2014

I highly recommend that Mr. Paul Parsons represent you with your case. I think my wife and I had one of the hardest cases Mr. Parsons had ever had to work on. It had included travel to multiple countries, lost paperwork (INS), and 3 different law firms that I hired in the past and 15 yrs worth of paperwork trails. I was completely frustrated with the system and was almost ready to give up. My wife and I then decided to hire the best lawyer we could find so that we could finally put this ordeal behind us and get my wife her legal resident status. After meeting with Paul and his staff, they assured me they could handle my wife’s difficult case. Once we hired Paul, it has literally been only months from start to finish, and my wife now has her legal residency card in hand! My wife and I cried we were so happy! I still can’t believe how quickly this firm has been able to navigate what seemed to me a “puzzled INS maze” in record time. Don’t make the same costly mistake I did hiring less experienced attorneys, spending money and most of all TIME and STRESS on your whole family. I don’t normally write reviews for anyone, but this firm changed my wife’s and my family’s life forever. I am forever grateful for the great and fast service Paul Parsons and his Staff provided us.