Flávia Sanches & Tyler Johnson Brazil & USA

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7th Apr 2016

We recommend Paul Parsons’s Office / Why going for a Law Firm? There are many reasons to choose to work with a law firm when starting an immigration process to the USA, and since I believe everybody has a personal reason, I can only speak of my own experience and am writing this because it might be useful for someone else as well. Any immigration process is a highly bureaucratic process, and we decided to work with a law firm since it would help us organize the massive number of documents (many that are not clearly explained in the USCIS website) and because we have a handful of friends who all said that you really should have a lawyer for USA immigration. Why Paul Parsons Office? We read dozens of reviews (Google and Yelp) for an Austin, Texas based immigration lawyer and all the roads pointed to Paul Parsons’s Office. The reviews were great and we went for it. They did not disappoint, they are honest, thorough about the documents they need in order to organize your case (they make sure you do not forget any detail in preparing the documents) and they were there for us in every aspect of the journey in getting our materials in order to present a flawless case and that helps not only you but the US department as well since they would have everything they need to evaluate your case. Human Aspect. This kind of process can be highly difficult since you and your life can be under severe scrutiny, but Paul Parsons’s staff is great. They humanize the process, you feel like more than a case number, more like that they know you (and they do). I would like to extend a special thanks for Paul’s Paralegal Daniel who was incredibly patient, competent and friendly, Daniel truly made the experience a pleasure. Cultural Awareness. For me, one of the most important facts that can make the experience in introducing yourself to a new culture in a process like this is working with someone that is aware of your own culture. Paul Parson’s Office knows and understands the multiple aspects of the Latin culture and that makes a huge difference. Do we recommend Paul Parsons’s Office? 100%. Go for it, you will not be disappointed. Flávia Sanches & Tyler Johnson Brazil & USA