Solicitó empleo y le fue negado por no poder acreditar su estatus migratorio   

Employers should not demand to see more or different documents than ones that

are sufficient for completion of a new employee’s I-9 employment verification process;

the penalties can be steep!

Interview (in Spanish) on Univision about the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent decision on Texas’ “show me your papers” SB4 law and people’s rights when questioned by law enforcement officials about immigration or citizenship status.

PaulParsons Interview on Trump-Immigration

Spanish interview on Telemundo: eligibility to apply for citizenship in native language

Demora por la corte federal del Acción Diferida para Padres de Americanos (DAPA) y de la expansión de DACA.

Accion Deferida aprobada para DREAMer

Nueva perdón para ciertos cónyuges e hijos de ciudadanos estadounidenses se puede solicitar en los EU antes de solicitar la residencia permanente en su país de origen. Entrevista en Univisión con Paul Parsons el 19 de enero del 2013. New waiver for certain spouses & children of U.S. citizens can be processed within the U.S. before applying for permanent residence in one’s home country. Univision interview in Spanish with Paul Parsons. January 19, 2013.

Entrevista tocante a los tramites de legalización de 1986, de inmigración de familiares de México y de la ciudadania

Univision interview (in Spanish) about seeking U.S. permanent resident status through professional employment as well as through marriage to U.S. citizen.

Telemundo interview about the Obama Administration’s recent PROPOSAL to allow persons to apply for waivers of the ten year unlawful presence penalty from within the U.S. (prior to seeking permanent resident status in their home countries).

Paul Parsons interview on Univision about Visas for fiancées of U.S. citizens, and about U.S. citizens (over age 21) petitioning for permanent resident status for parents

VIDEO: Explanation of two year conditional resident status based on marriage to U.S. citizen; naturalization; obtaining lawful resident status after 25 years of “unlawful presence.”

Telemundo Interview of Paul Parsons (in Spanish) about applications for U.S. citizenship through naturalization

La ciudadanía fue aprobada en español, aunque tenía convicciones criminales previas; inmigración para la esposa de un ciudadano aunque ella tenía más de diez años de vivir en los EUA sin documentos

Telemundo interview of Paul Parsons about the Obama Administration’s reconsideration of all pending deportation cases (8-18-11)

Lawful inspection and entry into the U.S. without a visa or other entry permit, Paul Parsons interview on Univision, August 21, 2010 (Spanish)

Univision interview of Paul Parsons about the DREAM Act

Video (in Spanish): About the need for immigration law reform

Univision’s civic issues program, Voz y Voto, recently featured an interview with Paul Parsons centered around recent changes on the process for the issuance of driver’s licenses in Texas to people who are not U.S. citizens or residents. The program is moderated by Gustavo Monsante from KAKW Channel 62 in Austin and regularly features Mr. Parsons as an expert guest analyst.

Telemundo Interview of Paul Parsons (in Spanish) about U visas for victims of certain crimes

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