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March 26, 2013, Paul Parsons' interview on YNN about U.S. immigration laws and why reforms are needed

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Paul Parsons office

The Austin immigration law offices of Paul Parsons provide representation for seeking many U.S. nonimmigrant visas (such as H1, K1, K3, L1, E2, V and TN), immigrant status for permanent residence (green card), work permits ("EAD"),  labor  certifications  (PERM),  employment  petitions,  family  petitions,  corporate immigration,  travel permits ("advance parole"), and U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

Our firm specializes on immigration legal representation for individuals as well as for  small, medium and Fortune 500 companies including but not limited to  the  following industries: education,  information technology,  nano-technology,  pharmaceuticals,  oil & gas,  staffing,  religious,  security, &  telecom.  For over 30 years, we are proud  to have   represented clients from around the world including Mexico, India, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Iran, France, Germany, Pakistan, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Morocco, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and many other countries.

Paul Parsons has practiced immigration law in Austin since 1978. He has been assigned Martindale Hubbell's highest "AV" rating  for  lawyers. Mr. Parsons has received the highest Avvo rating as a "Superb" lawyer.  Languages: English and Spanish.

If you would like to contact Paul Parsons about your immigration or citizenship situation, please contact us online or call our offices at (512) 477-7887


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EagleTalk - Immigration discussion including reasons The Congress should pass immigration reform; U.S. citizens sponsoring spouses/parents/children; waivers of 10 year penalties; new benefits for relatives of veterans & active duty military; & protections for certain victims of crimes & violence. Bilingual.Click here to watch the video

"The H-1B March Madness keeps me and many of my colleagues busy and employed, which I appreciate.  But as an American, who cares deeply for this country, knowing that yet another facet of our immigration laws doesn’t reflect the needs of our nation, or its founding values, is disheartening.   Something needs to be done.  And while much of the debate over Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) centers around family unity and bringing the undocumented out of the shadows, it is easy to overlook how CIR could impact American businesses and help our economy flourish."   Byron M. Large, Chair, Colorado Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association - Click here to read more 



 Comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) is long overdue. Please join our demonstration at 10:45 a.m. this Friday, December 6th, on the steps of our Texas Capitol in support of immigration reform. The U.S. Senate passed a proposed new law... last June; however, the U.S. House of Representatives has not taken any meaningful action to move forward. Meanwhile spouses, parents & children of U.S. citizens and permanent residents are being deported in record numbers. We need new immigration laws to unite families. 

"Effective immediately, when same-sex spouses apply for a visa, the Department of State will consider that application in the same manner that it will consider the application of opposite-sex spouses,” Secretary of State John Kerry announced at the American Embassy in London.  “One of our important exports by far is America’s belief in the equality of all people,” Mr. Kerry said. click here for the full article

Well worth a few minutes to see/hear President Obama explain why prompt passage of comprehensive reform of our broken immigration laws would help our country's economy, strengthen our Social Security system, and make us more secure. Click here for a link to the video.

 Congress continues to kick the can down the road instead of approving comprehensive reform of our broken immigration laws that is long past due. Recently the leadership of the House Republican caucus released a statement that rejects the Senate's bipartisan compromise bill in favor of a piecemeal approach. Our economy will be stronger and our country more unified if we modernize our obsolete immigration laws. Click here for a link to the story.

The immigration reform bill, should it pass into law, might benefit more than just undocumented immigrants. Deported immigrants and those who voluntarily departed could still apply for provisional immigrant status. Click here for the link to the story.

With keynote speaker Jose Antonio Vargas & Stephen Yale-Loehr at the American Heritage Awards of the American Immigration Council on June 28, 2013.


The passage of the immigration reform bill through the Senate marks a crucial milestone. The bill would grant legal status to potentially 10 million undocumented immigrants in the United States and allocate $30 billion for border security measures. It may be far more difficult to pass the bill through the House of Representatives.  Our country certainly will benefit from reform of our broken immigration laws.  Click here for the link to the story.


Due to the recent repeal of certain provisions of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), LBGT couples from certain states could soon be recognized as a married couple for the purposes of immigration. Click here for the link to the story.


Recently, in a 67-27 vote, the Senate approved a “security surge” along the Mexican border to garner Republican support for the immigration bill. Though the increased security will nearly double the amount of border patrol agents and erect 700 miles of fencing,  the bipartisan approval may suggest passage through the Senate on Thursday or Friday. -Paul Parsons

 We want licensed, insured drivers on our streets and highways. It makes sense that undocumented foreign nationals should be identified & licensed when they take their children (most are U.S. citizens) to school & drive to work. Our federal government has waited far too long to reform our broken immigration system. This is one area where Texas can do better! - Paul Parsons

House chairman unveils plan to allow illegal immigrants to drive legally in Texas

All employers must timely complete an I-9 for each person hired (whether or not a U.S. citizen).  Click here for the link to the new multi-page I-9 employment eligibility verification form & six pages of instructions released by the DHS on March 8, 2013.


Nueva perdón para ciertos cónyuges e hijos de ciudadanos estadounidenses se puede solicitar en los EU antes de solicitar la residencia permanente en su país de origen. Entrevista en Univisión con Paul Parsons el 19 de enero del 2013. New waiver for certain spouses & children of U.S. citizens can be processed within the U.S. before applying for permanent residence in one's home country. Univision interview in Spanish with Paul Parsons. January 19, 2013.
Entrevista en Univision el 7 de abril de 2012: Convertir la residencia condicional de 2 años a la residencia permanente aun si está separado/a del esposo/a ciudadano/a
Univision interview (in Spanish) about seeking U.S. permanent resident status through professional employment as well as through marriage to U.S. citizen.
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