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The Austin immigration law offices of Paul Parsons provide representation for seeking many U.S. nonimmigrant visas (such as H1, K1, K3, L1, E2, V and TN), immigrant status for permanent residence (green card), work permits (“EAD”), labor certifications (PERM), employment petitions, family petitions, corporate immigration, travel permits (“advance parole”), and U.S. citizenship through naturalization.

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My employer and I have worked with Mr. Parsons on immigration processing thrice during the past six years. He and his paralegal Mr. Robert Eagle were instrumental in successful accomplishments of different stages of the process. Although the process itself was demanding and complex, Mr. Parsons and his team made it easy for us to prepare our case. They were very dedicated, pleasant, trustworthy, goal-oriented, and efficient in managing the time duration of the process. It was very easy to communicate with the team through conference calls and emails, despite being located at different cities

Gopalakrishnan Easwaran Associate Professor at St. Mary's University

Paul has been helping me with immigration issues for over 10 years at two different companies. He has helped us with numerous candidates over the years, and the process has always gone very smoothly. He has a set process for how he addresses the issues based on his vast experience, and he makes things happen on a timely basis. There have been zero surprises in our cases and always a positive outcome.

Jean Belanger

Thanks to Paul Parsons and his staff, my wife and I no longer have to worry about the problems which one is faced with living in an illegal status. As a soldier in the U.S. Army, I was determined to get my wife squared away before deployment. I searched and prayed and was recommended to Paul Parsons and his staff. My wife and I will never forget Paul and Susan. We put our situation in his hands and went to the USCIS center in Mexico and we were literally there no longer than 5 days. To us this was miraculous. Sometimes this process takes people seeking permanent residency months or even years to get. God Bless this man and his staff.

SPC Juan Diego Franco (Mexico & Copperas Cove, Texas)

My wife and I had just married and we wanted to apply for my wife to be a permanent resident. As a senior Army officer, I was looking for the best representation in regards to immigration to ensure that we did not have any problems. I contacted a Texas bar association asking for a recommendation for the best lawyer with regards to immigration matters and the gentleman I spoke to gave Paul Parsons’ name as the best. I personally found that to be true.

Dale EggerSugar Land, TX

Through each process your law firm has taken care of all the details. Each single step has been followed through and verified with us and with the immigration officials. Whether it was an L1, H1, citizenship or particular immigration advice, the level of dedication of your staff has no match and always demonstrates your commitment to the issues and to each specific case. You are and will remain our immigration attorney. This is definitely one of the few times I can state that legal representation of our company has clearly been a positive investment in a business relationship.

Salvatore La PietraCEO, Atsec Information Security Corporation

Clockwork Solutions, Inc. has been doing business with Paul Parsons, P.C./Immigration Law since 2002. We are very happy with the services provided. Read More

Tami LahavClockwork Solutions, Inc

We met with three immigration attorneys before meeting with you. Each of those lawyers rated our chances at fifty/fifty, whereas you felt our chances were higher, if not guaranteed. We selected you not based on predictive odds, but on your demeanor, a feeling of assured professionalism. We’re happy our trust was not misplaced. What we learned through this process was that you have a fine reputation in the legal community. Your assistant told us you prepare for each case as though it were your first. We’ve no doubt that it was the calm guidance and assurance we received from you that allowed us to prepare well. Your reputation with the CIS in San Antonio, and your carefully detailed work in getting us there, were essential to our success. Having lived and worked without documentation for a number of years, I feel an enormous weight lifted. Thank you once again for your assistance in obtaining my green card.Read More

John Stuart DavidsonUnited Kingdom

I highly recommend that Mr. Paul Parsons represent you with your case. I think my wife and I had one of the hardest cases Mr. Parsons had ever had to work on. It had included travel to multiple countries, lost paperwork (INS), and 3 different law firms that I hired in the past and 15 yrs worth of paperwork trails. I was completely frustrated with the system and was almost ready to give up. My wife and I then decided to hire the best lawyer we could find so that we could finally put this ordeal behind us and get my wife her legal resident status. After meeting with Paul and his staff, they assured me they could handle my wife’s difficult case. (more…)

Greg & Lily OlivoCibolo, Texas)

I appreciate the expeditious and efficient way that you and Norma were able to help us. It has been a wonderful experience to work with you and I will always recommend you to anyone I know who may need this kind of service. Thank you so much Read More

Professor Rosental AlvesBrazil & Austin

Your services throughout the years have always provided me with the desired results, first as a legal and permanent resident and finally with me becoming a U.S. citizen. In the future I will definitely maintain you and your law office as my main legal source for immigration matters. Read More

Jose Garcia Alvarenga Honduras

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